Lean In


Driving a car through an unfamiliar area. Talking to a kid with an ear infection or someone who’s hard of hearing. Sharing a secret with someone. They all have something in common. When the boys were little we traveled to California with a couple we are friends with. We took on San Diego with the…
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Green for Vets, Red for Hookers


We were on our way to a basketball game when from the back seat of the van we hear, “What’s the green light mean?” Bewildered, I ask “Huh?” “The green lights.  On some people’s front porches.  Why are some green and some aren’t?” My own light went off in my head “Oh!  Well, that means…
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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste


So the older I’ve gotten, and the longer I’ve been married to Jason, I have found that I don’t enjoy staying in a hotel like I used to. Young Jill would have thrown caution to the wind and jumped right into the hotel bed and snuggled right up. Nowadays I strip the bed and search…
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Why I don’t like Bridges Church Right Now


Some things you see and you’re like, “Oh, that’s nice.” Other things you see and it just really hits you hard. Phoebe is involved in King’s Kids, a youth choir at a local church in our community, Bridges Church. It’s a great church full of wonderful people doing kingdom changing things for our area. As…
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