Fervent Week 6

Fervent Week 6


Girls we are so close to victory.  I love how even though I’ve walked with God for a many years, He continues to show His love for me by showing me new things through this study.  I pray that you are seeing the same changes in you that I am seeing.
He loves us so much.

Before we get going, I’d like to congratulate Marci for winning this week’s prize!  Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win…I have one more chance to win a prize!

Strategy 7: Your Purity
I don’t know about you, but when I read that this week’s chapter was about “purity” well, I honestly thought, “I don’t need to read this!  I’m married, I don’t have to worry about keeping myself pure!”  As I pressed through the chapter anyway, I quickly realized that “purity” if FAR from limited to staying sexually pure before you get married.
It DID remind me of a time where I was doing and watching shows that did not encourage my walk with Christ.  Several years ago we had a couple who Jason and I were praying for because they were struggling so badly in their marriage.  Infidelity and lies had torn their love story of decades apart and we decided to pray for them.  One night, I sat down to watch a popular prime time show (see, I told you it was a long time ago…I had time to sit down and watch an adult show!!!) when the story line moved to one character deciding to have an abortion, two other characters having an adulterous affair at work, and two women experimenting with each other.  It was then, I felt God drop in my spirit, “You’re praying against ALL of these things for your friends, yet you are pouring these very sins into your heart in the name of entertainment.”
I was heavy with conviction.
God was right.
How could I storm the throne room expecting reconciliation for our friends, when I was spending an hour with the very things I was believing for redemption for them?
We all have our “things.”  Our pet sins.  The behaviors, that we rationalize as “not that bad.”  But in fact, they are the very things keeping us from total and complete victory.

I love this on page 128: “It’ll be God Himself building up strength at your core, enabling you by His resurrection power to passionately pursue righteousness.” 
Yet again, Christ fights for us.  “His purity and holiness changing your heart until it comes through as purity and holiness in action.”

Strategy 8:  Your pressures:
How I wish I had a button on myself that I could press for “rest.”  I admit, I try to solve everyone’s problems.  Take on too much.  Get overwhelmed because I can’t sit still.  I feel if I’m not in motion, then I’m being lazy.  How I ache to be able to sit down and watch a show with my girls and just be.  But, when I do, the whole time my mind is racing a thousand miles an hour of all the things I need to do.  All the while, they are growing up right in front of me.

Lysa Terkeurst wrote a beautiful book called “The Best Yes.”  It’s here that she talks about the same thing Priscilla mentions on page 137 called “the rhythm of rest.”  Soon our “good” things can become “god” things and we are held captive to them.  Held fast in a prison that yet again, only we have the key to.  When will we learn that what Galatians 5:1 says is true?!  I love The Message version: Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”
That “anyone” sometimes is our own self…

So when someone asks us for something or we feel pressure to decorate, to perform, to display, to volunteer, to lead, to entertain…to quote another author I love, Jen Hatmaker, if we can’t answer with a loud and confident “Hell, yes!” then the answer is “no.”
Don’t forget to give your own self some grace.


For Week 7, let’s finish strong and read the last two strategies; Strategy 9: Your Hurts and Strategy 10: Your Relationships.  Please don’t be afraid of digging deep into Strategy 9.  As God reveals past hurts, allow Him to love on you and heal you in a way only He can. Remember, He wants you free.

Strategy 10 talks about Your Relationships.  Is there any relationship in your life that needs mended?  Can you see an area where the enemy is trying to steal, kill, and destroy you through division with someone else?  Write these names or situations down and pray scripture over them.  The enemy wants us to be divided, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant.

Ladies, I’m so, so thankful for you and that you have chosen to walk this journey with me.  You all are so very precious to me!





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