Just don’t pee on the floor

Just don’t pee on the floor

Slow obedience is no obedience.
Have you ever heard that?
We started Maggie in obedience school because #1–she’s an idiot, #2–we should have done this YEARS ago, and #3–we want to be able to play with her outside without being shamed on Facebook for her ending up 4 hours later in Flatwoods.
Because you know, it’s all about us….

Something the dog trainer said that struck me was “Our goal is to get the dog to do what we want the first time.”
Geez.  I want everyone to do what I ask them the first time I ask them…
I remember when I taught 2nd grade and I had a particularly difficult class.
I loved every single one of those kids…by themselves, individually.
But together…she cripes.
They were pistols.
I remember using every trick I had in my bag.
I was running out of ideas on how to get these sweet little darlings to behave long enough for me to teach them cursive writing and regrouping.
It wasn’t until I realized that my frustrations of these little people came from unmet expectations.
I was expecting them, 8 year olds, to act like they were the age of the youth group we were leading.
Of course I would be let down.
At the same time, I would go home and be frustrated with my then toddler because he wasn’t acting like I expected my 2nd graders to act.
I’m frustrated with my Goofy Doodle because she doesn’t act like a prize winning, well trained, and high bred dog.
Duh on that one.
God bless her.  At least she’s sweet…
I was (and still am to some extent) expecting everyone in my life to be little toy soldiers.
Don’t breathe out of step, don’t tell fart jokes to the pastor, don’t ask the Chinese couple if they are black, don’t ask the man-ish Lowe’s worker why she has a woman’s name, and for God’s sake don’t pee in the middle of PetSmart….

"Um, Evelyn we have a clean up in Aisle 4."
“Um, Evelyn we have a clean up in Aisle 4.”

For the record, the pee belonged to Maggie.
I’m doing so much better in this area.  You just gotta roll with life, man. 
God doesn’t expect me to be a toy soldier.
That’s why He was gracious enough to give us a free will.
He wanted us to love Him out of our own volition.
He does expect obedience though.
He says that “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”
At our house we are trying to instill in the kids something I heard from a lady minister named Havilah Cunnington, “Obey all the way, right away and with a happy heart.”
Is it because we are wanting our children to snap to attention and be our “beck and call girl?”
It’s because we want them to be God’s beck and call boy and girl.
We hope that when God asks them to speak life to someone who needs it, or to love on someone who’s lonely or pray when He puts a name on their hearts…
…they’d do it.
They are FAR from perfect.
Good grief…I’M so not anywhere I need to be.
There are SO many times that a random name will pop in my head and I’ll be like, “Well, that was random!”
Sometimes I will brush the thought or the name off and go about my super important business.
Other times, I’ll go to Facebook or my phone and hammer out a text to that person and send them an encouraging word.
More often than not they’ll reply back and say, “Gosh, I really needed that.  Thank you.”
It’s not about me though getting puffed up.  “Oh, look what a good job I’m doing!  I encouraged someone today!”
It’s all about God being able to trust me with the small so He can later trust me with the big.
Why would He give me my heart’s desire if He can’t even count on me for the little stuff?
The people in my life are going to embarrass me.
And I’m positive I embarrass God ON A DAILY BASIS.
But all I can do is clean the pee up, dust myself off and tell God, “I’ll get it next time.”
He’ll do like I often do and smile and wave and say, “I know you will…my grace is all you need, sis.  You have to.  I have BIG plans for you.”


I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer, and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ, walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God… just living the dream.

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