Monday Message: Pro-Choice

Monday Message: Pro-Choice

One area I have felt the Lord deal with me severely is perspective.
Over the past couple of years He has given me a greater empathy for people and the ability to see things from different perspectives.
Yes, the waitress is being a total jerk and cannot seem to get her crap together.
I’ll show her, I just won’t leave her a tip.  By God, NO BODY forgets to heat up MY coffee and get away with it.
New Jill instead sees a young woman who is working for less than minimum wage.
Or someone who may be struggling with something that I have no idea about.
Maybe she feels hopeless.
Or is in a strained relationship.
Maybe she just feels bad and HAS to work.
Or maybe she’s just a really terrible waitress…
Yes, she left my dad’s coffee cold and my drink unfilled.
Yes, she got my salad dressing wrong.
And yes, she was a little slow in taking our order to begin with.
But, has Christ left the throne because of cold coffee?
Will eternity be altered?
It might if I end up being a jerk to her.
Instead, new Jill blesses her anyway, and leaves her a note of encouragement.
Because, new and old Jill have been in bad moods.
And dropped the ball.
And been forgetful or hateful.
And new and old Jill have required A LOT of grace and mercy over her life.
I am pro-choice.
I am for choosing Christ in every situation.
Do I always?
I still miss it a lot of the time.
Like when my 10 year old made me THE sweetest birthday card just last month.
Just ooey- gooey, sticky sweet, melt your heart kinda stuff.
You know my first thought after I read that card?
Man, I’m a great mom.  I’m super proud of the fact that I thumped this same kid in the back of the head for being obnoxious the day before. 
Clearly I did NOT choose Christ in that situation.
Instead I chose my flesh.
My flesh wanted to thump my kid because he wouldn’t shut up his big mouth.
My heart should have extended mercy.
Every single day, hundreds of times a day, we are faced with decisions.
Choices we have to make; either to honor God or honor our flesh.
You overslept and are now late for work.  You are ticked off and start barking like a mad dog at the people in your family.
A driver cuts you off.  You want to hang out the window calling him everything but a milk cow and shaking your fist (or some other specific fingers) at him.
You go to plug in your phone and find your charger missing.  You start building the tirade in your mind so you can call your husband and just give him a piece of your mind.
The yard card people don’t put the birthday sign in the yard on time.  Well, I’m just going to log on to Facebook and just really BLAST these people, they’ve messed with the wrong woman.
I’ll stop telling on myself. 🙂
These are just a small sampling of decisions I have made where the Holy Spirit quickened me and said, “But my darling…what will be gained?  Show grace and mercy.”
Ugh.  Why ya gotta get all up in my biz?!
God gives us the ability to make choices because He wants us to choose Him.
Is it easy?
No way.
But it’s the hard stuff that brings the best blessing.
Heavenly Father,
You are so good to us.  Thank you for blessing us with another day.  Another day where we can choose You.  Help us to choose love over meanness, and grace over punishment, and joy over fear.  Help us to choose You Lord because You chose us first.  Before we had a chance to “get our crap together,” You chose us.  While we were still selfish and filthy and self-centered.
You. Chose. Us.
Holy Spirit, please continue to speak to our hearts in the hard moments.  The moments when we want to lash out at the person being a jerk to us from across our desk, or the ungrateful child, or the loved one who has wronged us, again.  Speak to us in those moments, to choose You.  Not for their sake, but for our own sake.  Use this day Lord to share your unconditional love with someone who needs You the most.

In Jesus Name,


I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer, and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ, walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God… just living the dream.

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