The stranglehold of addictions

I have so many devotionals and Bible Studies going on right now it’s sometimes overwhelming.  But I’m in (finally) a..

The ridiculousness of life

I get home from work last night and get a text from my mom about whether or not we’ll have..

Legacy to my girls

I remember being in 2nd grade and in dance class. It was spring time and our dance recital costumes had..

Things that are hard are worth it…

This was said to me in a video portion of the Made to Crave bible study I’m doing and boy..

Grace Extended

In my morning bible study the author talks about Jesus never getting weary of His disciples and their seemingly unending..

Well hello there middle of January!

Wow.  Who has life on fast forward?  Clearly someone who shouldn’t be in charge of the remote!  Where in the..

My “get up and go” got up and went…

So I got up this morning.  Well, E got me up this morning crying and wanted fed.  I’m mean really?!..

God is SO cool…

I went to a Women’s Conference in mid-May to hear some of my favorite local lady preachers and was bummed..

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