Pride and Pantyless

Pride and Pantyless

I am sure you have heard the scripture in Proverbs, “Pride comes before the fall.”
Usually said to someone in a condescending tone, the scripture is rarely quoted out of love for someone.
“Bless her heart, we need to pray for her.  Do you see how many selfies she posted?!  She is absolutely in love with herself!  You know what the Bible says about that…pride comes before the fall…”

A couple of Sundays ago Jason was preaching at church and we decided to all ride together and go early with him.  He has to be there earlier than we do so instead of busting through the church doors like Hell itself  was on my tail, we got there early with him.  Instead we walked in cool hand Luke like we owned the joint.
Bless God.
I was standing at the coffee bar counter talking to some ladies when someone walked by and complimented on how sweet Ellie looked.
I gently smiled and thanked them for their compliment.
Ellie was oblivious.
You see, while we were getting ready that morning,  Ellie had asked me if she could wear a costume dress that matched her American Girl doll.
Not only did I say “yes” but I surprised her last minute by dressing her doll in the same dress.
So I’m chit chatting with the ladies, giving recipes on how to make my “superhero coffee” #marthastewart when I feel a tug on my skirt.  I looked down at this sweet round faced angel #blessed only to hear a very quiet voice say, “Mommie, I have no panties on.”
Ahem.  A little louder darling so the people in the choir and sound booth can hear.
I slid my hand beneath 42 layers of tulle and satin only to feel two little fleshy clementine shaped butt cheeks.
Uh, yes, that’s affirmative.  We have a commando.
In the House of God.
I looked up to the face of my friend across the counter and said, “Well, we were early.  All the kids even ate breakfast before we came.  But Ellie…no panties.”
Her eyes widened and she started dying laughing.
The commotion caught the attention of the ladies working the “Welcome Center” so naturally I turned Ellie around, looked quickly for offend-able eyes and with my 3 year old I mooned them.
Laughter soon spread across the end of the hallway.
This event taught me several things.
Would you like to hear them?
1) Please don’t EVER take yourself seriously
I was walking in that place like, “Look at me y’all!  I got all my crap together!  We don’t look crazy, we have eaten breakfast and we. are. early.”  BOOM.  Who cares if you act a fool and laugh and actually enjoy the time you’re alive.  Life is too short.
This leads me to my next point…
2) God has such a sense of humor.
I know He was getting a real belly laugh at me being all hot toddy knowing what was coming next.
Who forgets panties!?
It makes sense that His word says in Proverbs “A merry heart does good like medicine…”
This affirms the fact that…
3) Parenthood keeps you humble
And no one tells you this before you have children.
No one tells you that you’ll pray for the rapture when your 3 year old son has a meltdown during a youth soccer game.
Or that you’ll wear a shirt with vomit on it.
Or that you’ll breastfeed your cranky baby in a junkyard while talking to a toothless guy named Buck.  (Buck was clueless by the way…)
And lastly,
4) It’s about time we get set free!
Now I’m not saying we all throw our bloomers out with the Tuesday night trash.
Panties are important!  We got stuff we need to hold in…
But on those days when you feel like you are a fragile little eggshell about to be dropped on a ceramic tile floor…maybe that’s the precise moment God is wanting you to let go of something.
To rejoice in Him, where TRUE freedom can be found!
He’s saying to us, “Not this again!  I thought you gave that over to me last week!  Can you please trust Me with that situation?!  Please don’t pick it up again!”

Let’s stop caring about what people think about us!  They’re going to talk about you anyway so it might as well bring glory to God!
Let’s stop worrying about the stuff that will never happen.  The stuff that won’t change by dwelling on it.
Let’s stop beating ourselves up because you are trying to “fix” yourself.  Not by might or by power, but my Spirit says the Lord.

So instead of letting a broken spirit dry up your bones, throw caution, and maybe your panties if they are constantly in a wad or up your crack, to the wind.
And let God truly handle the rest.


I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer, and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ, walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God… just living the dream.

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