Summer Bible Study: First Things First

Summer Bible Study: First Things First

Why do't we step outside_Once upon a time there was a girl.
She was an ordinary girl, a face among tens of thousands in her land.
She had a kind face and a heart to match, but not being of high social stature or royalty, she never was one to stand out in a crowd.
She never had grand parties to celebrate her birthday.
Or her accolades announced across the land.
She wasn’t skilled in any art or talent or ability.
She just kind of…was.
One day, a knock came at her door that startled her.
No one ever came to see her…who could this be?
She opened the door only to feel disappointment wash over her.
There was no one there.
Her head dropped in sadness only to have something catch her eye.
There was a note lying on the ground.
The girl bent down to pick up the fine stationary that was embossed with gold lettering.
“My Darling” was all the outside said.
“What in the world is this?” ran through her mind and she nervously broke the waxy seal of the envelope.
She pulled out the letter from inside and fingering the delicate parchment, she opened up the letter.
In the same gold imprint, the letter simply said, “Your presence is requested of the King.”
A breath caught in her throat as a thousand thoughts ran through her mind.
What could he want with me?!
I’m of no importance!
I have nothing to give him…no talents to share as an offering
What am I going to do?
Looking back down at the letter she slowly re-read the inscription.
Your presence is requested of the King.
Realization and peace washed over her like a flood.
He doesn’t want anything of me.
My presence.
Just me.

God is crazy in love with you.
He has known you since before you were formed in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13) and knows every flaw and imperfection down to the cellular level.
Yet He still loves.
Why wouldn’t we want to spend time with someone this head over heels in love with us?!
The short answer is…we should!
But why?
Just like with physical relationships, when we want to get to know someone more, we spend time with them.
I couldn’t possibly pretend to know someone’s character, heart or motives if I didn’t spend any time with them.
Jesus was our model.  He wouldn’t want us to do something He wouldn’t do Himself.
There are many times He would slip away to pray, seek God’s will or just share His heart with His Father.

So you may wonder, “How can I spend time with someone I can’t see?”  
God is not bound by time (2 Peter 3:8), so the time of day you spend with Him is irrelevant.
He just wants it to happen.
Some people are early birds, some people are night owls.
Whichever kind of animal you are…just do it.
And don’t feel condemned because your time doesn’t look like her time that doesn’t look like my time.
It could look like:
–you waking up earlier than everyone else to listen to worship music and a notepad to write down people you’d like to pray for
–using the Bible app on your phone for a daily scripture
–praying Psalms 91 over your day before it starts
–taking a walk on your lunch break listening to a podcast of a preacher or teacher you enjoy
–after everyone has gone to sleep at night, ending your day with thankfulness and reflecting on just three things you are grateful to God for
He wants it to be personal, so talk to Him like you would a friend or loved one.  Let go of any preconceived ideas as to how it should look.  This is your heart to His.  Ask God to show you the best way for YOU to spend time with Him.

Also remember, it’s the quality NOT the quantity.  God would rather have 10 minutes of you heart, soul and mind fully concentrated on Him than 60 minutes of you thinking about your grocery list mixed in with a few prayer requests and stray lines of a praise and worship song you have stuck in your head.  As your time with Him gets consistent, it’ll grow.  Soon it will be like you texting your best friend.  Second nature.
Recognize condemnation for what it is…the enemy.
I can almost guarantee that as soon as you start in this journey, the voice of the enemy will slip in saying, “You call that a devotion?  You couldn’t stay focused!  You’re so pathetic.  This is a waste of your time.  You’ll NEVER be able to break this habit.  You’re no Christian…look how much time you spent on social media today!”
He wants to get you off track before you even get started and the destruction that comparison brings along with it is devastating.
Don’t let him win.

Dear Jesus, 
Most days I feel as if I’m of no importance.  Like I am going through the same motions of an ordinary life.  Yet you have requested an audience with me.  As I start this bible study this week, speak to my heart.  Show me ways you want to love on me and reveal to me the depth of your love.  Holy Spirit convict my heart of time I am wasting.  Precious time that I could spend at your feet.  Precious time that could be spent changing my family tree.  You have much in store for me and the generations that will follow me.  Grow me in such a way that I don’t miss a single second of it.  Help me to recognize and silence the voice of the enemy.  Help me know when he is trying to steal, kill and destroy what You have for me.
In Jesus precious name.

Let’s share in our Facebook group:
  Is your quiet time perfected?  Non-existent?  A twinkle in your eye?
We all have to start somewhere!
Let today be your day!

So, what’s next?
Tomorrow will be our day to jump in to scripture to help us get our feet wet with priorities and spending time with the Lord.

Love you ladies!



I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer, and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ, walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God… just living the dream.

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