Fervent Week 3

Well, praise the Lord!  We survived Snowmaggedon 2016!  Jonas was brutal, but we have emerged victorious!  How did your reading go?  Hopefully you were able to complete Strategy 1: Your Passion and Strategy 2: Your Focus.  Thank you for those of you who shared your thoughts and scriptures! You know what jumps out at me…
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Fervent Week 1


Reagan and I were walking to the car from pick ups on Friday and our conversation always flows easily, so this time was no different. He was recapping his day, what he ate for lunch, a classmate’s mom was going to have a baby, no one at their table had to “clip down” for bad behavior, etc.  Then, with a tone marked with sadness and a little bit of anger, he said, “and in counseling we were talking about viruses, sickness, flu shots, staying well during cold and flu season and the teacher asked the question, ‘What do you do when you get sick?’ and you know what I said mom?  I raised my hand and said, “I know, you pray!” and do you know what someone said?  Someone said, “That doesn’t always work.” I didn’t like that answer mom.  It made me mad because prayer does work. I didn’t argue with them though because some people just can’t have their mind changed.”

Two thoughts went through my head…1) I was glad my son’s first line of defense for even the flu is prayer. 2) I was sad that at 8 years old, the enemy is working to cause doubt in him and those around him. 

I don’t consider myself a powerful pray-er.  I do however pray a lot and over the years I have realized that I’m a conversational pray-er.  That I talk to God all day long about the seemingly insignificant.  I don’t have a prayer closet, unless you count the shower, I inconsistently keep a prayer journal, and I’ve never held a prayer vigil for hours on end (my attention span can’t deal with that).  But I know it’s important and I think that’s a good starting point.

So, are your ready?  This week we will read pages 1-24, “This Means War” and “Opening in Prayer.”  As you are reading keep these discussion questions in mind:

This Means War:
page 5 says that “He created prayer as a primary way of putting us into personal contact with Him…any hour of the day or night.”  How does that make you feel?

Have you ever realized that you have an enemy?  That you are engaged in a “war”?  A “fight for your life”?  Or have you always chalked bad things and misfortune up to bad luck or happenstance?  Are you ready to change the trajectory of your life and your family’s?  I am.

Opening in Prayer:
Here she mentions the strategies that the enemy uses most often to do what he does best; steal, kill and destroy us.  Is there a strategy that is your weak point?  More than one?  Write it (or them) down and lay that area before God as a target you want to focus on during this study.  I know I have several strategies Satan uses against me.

Also, Priscilla speaks of her grandmother as her”prayer warrior.”  Do you have a person like that in your life?  Who is it?  Do they know how important they are to you and where you are now?  Could you tell them?  If so, spend this week writing them a letter or make a phone call to express your gratitude.

What was your favorite part or what jumped out at you in these two chapters?


You have all week to read and answer the discussion questions.  Share your answers here on the blog if you are comfortable.  If not, answer them and keep them close to your heart.  Be as participatory as you like!  Most importantly, be honest with yourself and with God (He already knows 😉 and know you are in a judgment free zone.  We as sisters are all in this together.  We MUST be there for each other because as you’ll read, we have a real enemy.  We CANNOT be against each other.   Feel free to post prayer requests here as well.  We have a beautiful group of all ages, experiences and backgrounds doing our study and our community is one that will do mighty things for the Lord!

I’m SO honored and excited to be doing this with you all !
Thank you so much for signing up!

I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.


Streams of consciousness and an exciting announcement!

I think I’m suffering from a self diagnosed disease called DCLD.  It’s serious really.  No medication for it either.  It stands for “Disney Cruise Line Depression.”  It’s where you think about soft serve ice cream, crystal clear waters, three men who wait on you hand and foot, parties till midnight…all the time.  *SIGH*  Seeing my…
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