40 Year Fight: Women in the Word

I’ve noticed a lot of times when someone has passed away there are always nice things said about them at a funeral.
Even people who are a real scoundrel…usually you can find at least one person to say something nice.
Sometimes eulogies are just down right fabrications.
I saw a post on Facebook about an obituary of a woman who had abandoned her two children after she had an affair with her husband’s brother.  She started a new family and apparently didn’t want to fool with her children.
So they, as grown adults, penned her obituary.
It was seething to say the least.
After a lifetime of abandonment, they wanted the world to know what kind of woman she was to them.
I wanted to give a giant high five to those children.  Yeah, stick it to her!  
On the other hand, I felt sorry for the mother.
She missed out on a lifetime of memories with her kids.
She caused so much pain and anger that was carried for such a long time.
And maybe passed down to the grandchildren she never got to meet.
That’s such a heavy burden to bear.

How do you want to be described?
How do you want to be remembered?
The Woman in the Word we will be mentioning today is Ruth.
In a nutshell, Ruth was married to one of two brothers.
All of the men in this family died, leaving behind three widows.
Naomi (the mother), Ruth and Orpah (the daughters in law) Moabite princesses.
Naomi begged these young daughters to go back to their homeland, to their families so they can have a chance to remarry and start anew.
Their hearts were broken and their tears were many.
Orpah cashed in her bus ticket and left town.
Ruth refused.
So off Ruth and Naomi went, returning to the homeland of Naomi in Judah.
I don’t know what your relationship with your mother in law is.
But imagine your current self in that situation.
You are a young woman, now a widow, in a strange land, alone with your mother in law.
A lot of you may be thinking, “Ha!  Thanks for the memories, best of luck to you, peace out.”
Ruth CLUNG to Naomi.  WEPT at her side.
I.  Ain’t.  Leavin.
Through a series of God ordained events, Ruth falls in love with Boaz and her life is forever changed.
She goes down in history forever as the being the grandmother of David and ultimately Jesus Christ.
One choice changed history.
She chose to be faithful.
What about Orpah?  Ruth’s sister in law?
Forsaking her mother in law, she goes back to her homeland.
She was not about to starve to death when she had a wealthy, royal family back home.
Jewish history states that she in fact, did remarry.
More of a political alliance than feet sweeping romance like Ruth.
She bore her husband some sons.
Four BIG sons.
Ever heard of Goliath?
In a not so ironic turn of events, Goliath was taken down by a little shepherd boy.
Grandson of Ruth.
Orpah’s other three sons, in order to vindicate Big Bro’s death, tried to take on David’s army.
They all failed.
Because of Ruth’s faithfulness, unlike the people of Israel who were forgetful and prone to wander, we have the saving knowledge of Jesus.
What if she would’ve high tailed it back home with Orpah?
History would have been completely changed.
Eternity would have been completely altered.
Ruth’s faithfulness to her mother in law, to her mother in law’s God was the missing link.
You are someone’s missing link.
Eternity could be hinging on YOUR faithfulness.
Your family tree could be completely changed by your one choice.
Choose faithfulness.

I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.

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