A Series of Unfortunate Choices

One of my favorite teachers in high school was my Biology and Anatomy teacher, Jean Johnson.
She was a very quiet woman, but she dripped with sarcasm.
She held an attitude about her of women’s empowerment without ever saying a word about women’s liberation.
She had class.
She was a great role model.

She also had a sign that hung on her chalkboard that said, “You are the decisions you make each day.”
Why that impacted me so much, I’ll never know.
I’ll never forget it though.

This weekend I saw an unfortunate decision made by my sweet little Ellie.
What she was thinking….well, clearly she wasn’t.
I’ll chalk it up to the fact that she is TWO and file it in the “for future reference, hopefully never need again” column.

I went home to my parent’s house to pick up the girls after school only to find Phoebe asleep on the couch and Ellie tucked sweetly in the corner.  I started for Ellie and in my best “I’m so excited to see you voice” I quickly realized something was terribly wrong.  The closer I got to my tiny little girl all I could notice was a pink crust that covered the entire top of her head.
I looked to my mom with a face full of confusion and horror.
No words were necessary.
She looked at me and with confidence said one word.  “Fixodent.”


“You heard me.  Fixodent.  Ellie thought it’d be a good idea to put Fixodent in her hair.”


I started laughing.  Seriously.  Getting mad at her was not going to take the pink concrete out of her hair.  And when she looks at you like this…

fixodent Ellie

It’s really difficult to get mad.

Did you know…
adding water to rinse out denture adhesive activates the paste, therefore making it thicker?
I know!  Me either!!!
Did you know…
Toothpaste MAY get denture adhesive out of your mouth, but it won’t get it out of hair.
Ha!  Who knew?!
Did you know…
Toothpaste running down into your eye balls will however make you cry to the God of toothpastes that your MOTHER WILL STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR WITH PEPPERMINT TOOTHPASTE!!!!
In case you ever need to know….
Did you know…
That if Dawn is good enough for oil slicked baby ducks, then by George, it’s good enough for your baby girl…you know, the one who has Fixodent in her hair.
You’re welcome.

I seriously thought we were going to have to shave her head.
I was *this close* to texting my hair dresser and ask her what to do.
Because, you know, she has experience with this…
Google totally sucked it up on this one.
There were ZERO recommended searches for “How to get Fixodent out of hair.”
Hmmm…. I wonder why?
Oh yeah…


So, Miss Ellie made a bad choice.
She’s not a bad kid though.

In the heat of the moment, I have heard people say to their kid, “Oh my….ugh!  You are so stupid!!!  Why would you do such a stupid thing!!!???”
The behavior IS stupid.
The kid.  Probably not.
Did they make a stupid decision?  Uh, yeah.
That doesn’t qualify them as stupid.
Show me someone who has never made a stupid decision or choice and I’ll show you someone who’s pants are on fire because they are a big fat liar. 🙂

I never want to make my children feel like they are failures, or bad, or stupid because they failed, made a bad choice or a stupid decision.  How else will they learn unless they try and fail or learn from their mistakes?

I heard a minister say before that once he was on a flight and the pilot was going the wrong direction.  Once he realized his error, he got on the right path and headed in the correct direction.  He didn’t go back to the airport and start all over again.  He simply changed the direction and went on with the flight.

Have we all made bad choices?  Yes.
Do we need to start our life over?  No.  Just pick up the pieces and head on in the right direction.
You’re not a bad person.  Just someone, loved by Christ, who made a bad choice.
Hopefully we’ll learn from our decision because we certainly ARE the decisions we make each day.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Dawn will get most of them out….
God’s grace…well, it will get all of them out.

I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.

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