Chin up, buttercup.

I pulled up into my parent’s driveway one afternoon and as I looked up to my left I noticed the buttercups were in full bloom on their bank.
They are my favorite.
They look like little bursts of sunshine.
They make me so happy.
But as I took a moment longer I noticed something strange about the flowers.
My dad, in his attempt at salvaging his hill and having lush green grass, paid lots of money to a lawn company to lay netting and grass seed down.
Well, it’s trying to grow.  God bless it.
His bank looks like the back side of an old man’s head.
Sprouts of grass here and there.
But the buttercups.
Nothing is holding them back.
The first bit of warm weather and they are bustin outta there like Alcatraz.
But what was strange wasn’t the flowers, but the fact that hanging around their necks was the seed netting.
Take a look…
“Huh.  Wouldja look at that?  Determined lil things.”
The first word that came to mind was “persistence.”

Just for kicks and giggles I took a yard stick back to my mom’s to see how much these little beauties has persevered.

These flowers, while be strangled by netting, had thrived despite the fact the netting was holding them back.
I mean COME ON!  That’ll preach people!

Immediately God spoke to me, “See these simple little flowers?  I take care of them.   I’ll take care of you too.”
BOOM.  Matthew 6 in action bay-bee.

These little flowers didn’t let seed netting stop them from doing their job.
Bringing glory to their Creator.
How many times have I let a simple obstacle keep me from doing what God wants me to do?
“Well, things are hard.  Must mean God doesn’t want me to do this.”
“Things aren’t falling into place.  I must not be in God’s will.”
“The WiFi is down.  God must not want me to post this week…”

When I feel weary.
When my kids are driving me out-my-ever-lovin-mind crazy.
When I fail.  Again and again and again.
When it doesn’t seem like my dreams will ever come true.

I imagine God leaning over the edge of Heaven, elbows on His knees and in His best “I super love my kids but I’m a borderline psycho baseball mom voice

He’s your biggest cheerleader.
When everyone around you tells you…
“Nope.  No way.  You could never do that.  That’s impossible.”
May I remind you that He is the God of the impossible?
He loves a good challenge.

We must never, ever, ever give up.
Eternity depends on it.

Many years ago when Jason and I miscarried, I was in a very low, sad place.
I didn’t feel God anymore.
I couldn’t cry.
I was numb.
Even surrounded by a wonderful loving family, I wanted to give up.
In an effort to steal my mind, kill me and destroy my heart, the enemy was having a field day with me.
Out of desperation for something to change, on Easter Eve, I literally cried out to God and said, “I can’t do this anymore.  Either you heal me or you bring me home.”
My eyes popped open that next morning, the hope of Easter in my heart, and I said, “Okay God.  Let’s do this.”
He whispered back, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Guys, I am literally here to tell you.
To encourage you.
Do not give up.
Whatever your “it” is.  Don’t give up.
So much depends on you.
On the plans that God has for only you.
On the people only you can minister to.
You have a circle of influence and God created you for such a time as this.
Silence the whispers of the enemy who is nothing but a dirty, filthy liar and deserves not even a millisecond of our time and energy with the promises of God.
And instead listen to the loving cheers of your Creator who is running alongside you, step by step, saying “C’mon sweet girl!  I created you for this right here!!!  You are so close!  You can’t give up now!  You have NO idea what is on the other side of this!  Please, please, PLEASE don’t give up now!!!”
And remember the buttercups, who’s only job is to shine and wave and glorify God.
Because guess what?
Chin up buttercup.  That’s your only job, too.

I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.

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