Hidden Treasures

Our sweet little middle school got a facelift this past summer with the addition of brand new lockers.
I used these lockers when I was a student at RMS.
My mom, had she been a Red Devil, would have used them as well.
Being they were the original lockers to the school, it was time for them to go to the great locker heaven in the sky.
Or Mansbach.
Now, typically, I’m not a sentimental person.  I keep the important stuff, school papers with handprint tracings, report cards, love notes.
But my biggest fear is that I’ll drown in clutter.
I’m also terrible for being a “mad deleter.”
You can bet that as soon as I get a new email I’m reading it and soon deleting it.
I went over to the school one day to find they were pulling the old lockers out from the walls.  I stood at the end of the hall and saw the walls littered with papers, broken pencils and dust bunnies.
locker reno
At first all I saw was mess.  I wanted to jump in and help the custodians sweep it all up.  But as I stepped closer and knelt down, I soon felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me.
I saw unsigned report cards from 1981.
Hall passes from 1967.
Beta Club election posters from 1992.
Dance pictures.
Love notes.
Baseball cards.
Hidden treasures that thousands of students over the years had overlooked because they didn’t even know they were there.
I was so sad at the decades of memories that were not only forgotten about, but were about to be thrown away.
So I did what any sane person would do, and I started going through all of it so I could give it to it’s owner.  If they didn’t want it, then fine.  No blood on my hands people…
At church we were talking about one of our favorite people who literally came out of the wood work.  He blindsided us with his talent with technology and media.  We thought for sure that because of his level of talent, that he did media for a career.
He manages FedEx at the airport.
I immediately thought back to the stuff found underneath the lockers.
Our churches, offices, classrooms and homes are FILLED with hidden treasures.  Jim, the media guy, is so much more than a media guy.  He is creating space in the Kingdom by using a love for technology.  A love given by God.  He’s not giving altar calls.  But he’s still a life changer.
He’s not to be overlooked because he works at FedEx.
Because guess what?
He’s changing lives there too because he’s an all around awesome guy.
You may feel like because you don’t preach or lead praise and worship then you aren’t valuable to the kingdom.
That my friend is exactly what the enemy wants you to think.
To have a mindset of defeat would allow you to shrink back and lie undiscovered under the lockers of your life.
You may have a love of little ones.
You may have a mean baked spaghetti recipe.
You may be strong as an ox.
You may be able to say just the right thing at just the right time.
These are ALL gifts given by the Creator that He wants you to use for the Creator.
To show His love to someone else who may feel overlooked.
So love on the little ones and work with the kids.
Take your spaghetti to the mama who just had a baby.
Use your brute strength and do work for those around who are weaker.
Use your loving words and visit someone who’s hurting and alone.
Do it all in the name of Jesus.
Right where you are, doing what you do every single day.
light shine
So, I mailed a school picture back to Barb.
I sent the fun COSI picture back to Leigh Ann’s mom.
I posted an election poster to Jane’s Facebook wall.
The things I found weren’t life-changing, but at some point they were valuable to those people.
And you dear one are just as valuable.
Right where you are you have a gift, a deep love of something, a treasure that wasn’t placed in your heart by happenstance.
But carefully planted by the One who created you.
For such a time as this.

I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.

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