Judging a book

Several weeks ago Jason swept me away tor a sweet little getaway to one of my very favorite cities ever, Asheville NC.  I love the energy of the downtown that is mixed with the slow pace and culture of the mountains.
That place is sheer perfection.
Our first stop was to the Friday night drum circle, right in the heart of downtown.
Talk about a people watchers dream.
I LURVE to sit back and observe and people watch.
It’s literally my favorite thing.
I think I could’ve gotten a scholarship for it.
So when the crowd started growing at the drum circle, I felt like Grace the secretary from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


...sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods…

I saw homeless people, business people, Joe Blow, emo kids, cops…my favorite was the helicopter mom dressed in her Gap skinny jeans, Brighton cross body purse, suede booties and Urban Outfitters vest who brought her 3 year old son to “mingle” for cultures sake…Her body language screamed, “Oh darling!   Don’t get too close to the large black man honey…I think he’s on something...”
That girl can whip out an antibacterial wipe faster than you can say body lice.
I was scanning the crowd when I saw this guy:

Hmmm.  Well, wouldya look at that.
I immediately wanted to know his story.
As the crowd was growing, the sun was setting, our bellies were starting to grumble, we decided to go get dinner.
I spotted the colorful man in the crowd and told Jason, “I have to talk to him.
So, I did what any normal person would do…I stalked him and introduced myself.

I found out that his name is Christopher and that he’s a Nazarite priest.
Didn’t see that one coming…
I found out that he served in the Navy and that he has lived in Asheville for 14 years.
That he’d lived in Kentucky for a spell and tried to get a job shoveling manure on a horse farm but couldn’t because he had a felony for marijuana possession.
Who knew that having pot could affect whether or not you could clean up horse crap…
I found out that he was REALLY smart and funny.
I asked him if he would take a picture with me and he said sure.  I took my phone and positioned it for a selfie when he stopped me and said, “Well, that’ll cost you a dollar.  Selfies are too narcissistic.  Besides, he (pointing to Jay) could take our picture.”

I thought about Christopher all weekend.
I wondered where he slept, if he had family, if he was hungry, if he felt loved.
Even if Christopher was totally cuckoo for coco puffs and talked to the people in his head and hadn’t bathed in months…he is still valuable.
With his dirty hair and eccentric outfit and dear God, his socks with sandals, he is made in the image and likeness of Christ Almighty.
And I love him.
No one in that crowd was any better or any worse than Christopher.
When God looks down on us, he doesn’t see my degrees and certifications versus his matted 5 foot long hair.
We are His children.

We have started the process of doing some much needed updates to our house.
This process has most recently brought an appraiser to look over our house to see how much it is worth.
I’ll have to confess, I started feeling myself getting a little defensive at this perfect stranger coming to MY house to tell me what it is worth.
I felt a, “Who do you think you are...” rising up in me.
This man doesn’t know the tears that are in the floor at how hard it is to raise these humans.
Or the love soaked into the walls.
Or the doorway that brought sadness when we said goodbye to a baby.
Or the bedrooms that held joy from bringing home two baby girls.
The value of a home is in the eye of the beholder.
My home isn’t as spectacular to our appraiser because it’s not his.
But what’s so wonderful is that our value is in the eye of our Beholder.
And you know what He says about you?
You are…
Altogether beautiful.  Song of Solomon 4:7
God’s workmanship.  Ephesians 2:10
Greatly loved. Romans 1:7
A light to the world. Matthew 5:14
And while you may not be Ferris Bueller, Grace was right…you are one righteous dude.
All y’all.


I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.

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  1. oh Jill I love this post.. I am a firm believer that we are not to judge other people that God is the only one who judges us. Your home IS where your heart is AMEN

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