Just sit a spell

It’s that time of year again.
I’m feeling extra reflective.
And in the life of a teacher, once the craziness of Halloween settles down, it is truly a mad dash until New Years.
Especially since Hobby Lobby and Walmart are in cahoots with Father Time to have life on fast forward starting in July with Back to School.
I cannot believe how fast life goes.
And of course it is getting worse now that my kids are getting bigger.
It makes me a sad happy when I think about it.
We are on the heels of Thanksgiving and while I am already getting a little tingle of anxiety about doing and buying and being and going I am having to remind myself almost hourly to “calm the heck down.”
I’ll text a friend and say, “Okay sis, talk me off the ledge.”
When I feel that tingly feeling turn into a “hey you may¬† have walked into an electric fence” I know it’s time to do what I should have been doing all along.
Sit a spell.
I hope this song allows you to do just that.
Sit a spell.
With Jesus.
Doing so will make you available to sit a spell and love on others too.
With your kid who is driving you crazy
Your spouse.
With a parent.
I know it’s true with me, and probably you too, that when my day or life is overwhelming me the most is when I haven’t carved out time for Him.
I can trace my bad mood and bad day all the way back to the build up of the last time or last day I sat a spell with Jesus.
When I take a little time and rest in Him, I’m then able to trace His hand all the way to His heart and see it was just what I needed all along.


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