Monday’s Message: A Shot in the Arm

Monday’s Message: A Shot in the Arm

I’m about to tell on myself.
Something I’m not proud of.
It’s embarrassing actually.
But my philosophy is “if it can help someone else, nothing is off limits.”
Here goes.
Max, my oldest and I went on a date the other day to see a musical at our local play house.
It was so wonderful.  So much exciting talent.
And what date wouldn’t be complete without a Walmart run after a 2.5 hour show?
We walked in the door of our local supercenter and I had the thought, “go to the bathroom.”
Now, common sense would tell me that my almost 40 year old bladder that’s had 4 babies laid on, is not what it used to be.
But wanting to keep my time in Walmart at a bare minimum, I talked myself out of it and headed straight for my list of items.
I was arrogantly walking down aisle 15, casually looking through the array of cooking oils, when I started to panic.
“Oh no.”
My thighs clenched.
My knees twisted.
I inconspicuously bent at the waist as if I were checking things out on the bottom shelf.
I gave myself a “pep talk.”
“Come on sis.  You got this.  You don’t have to go that bad.  Just raise up slowly, and walk away.”
I started to raise up and soon felt warm liquid running quickly down my leg.
“Oh Jesus, help me.  I’m peeing on myself in Walmart.  Somewhere someone is going to put a picture of me standing over puddles of my own pee and post it on ‘People of Walmart.’  This is it.  
Yet it kept coming.
Thankfully the only ones in the aisle with me were the stockman at one end and an unsuspecting couple at the other.
I felt a pause of action and decided to make a break for it and head for the endcap.
I used my dress to wipe my legs off, shook my sandals out, took a deep breath and moved on.
As I was walking down the bread aisle, I heard a small voice say, “Well, I told you to go.  Next time, listen to me.”
That rebuke quickly made me realize that the prompting I got as I walked through the front doors to go to the bathroom wasn’t “common sense,” but instead the mercy of God.

I want to send you off with an “if you pee in the middle of Walmart, it’s okay, just as long as your learn from it…”
So please learn from my mistake.
This is way more than a poor decision in Walmart.
I thought I could do it.  I’ll just be in here a little bit.
I didn’t think it was that bad.  God was speaking.
My consequences hit me like a flood.  And left me with a mess.

You guys, I cannot stress enough three things:
1. God is in the details
2. He cares about you
3. He is talking, if we will just listen

In this last week of our Summer Bible Study I want to give you a shot in the arm.
God Almighty is speaking to you.
He wants to lead you through this tough season you are in.
He wants to love on you through this heartache.
He wants to keep you from poor choices.
He wants to give you hope when you feel like there’s none.
He wants to remind you how precious you are even when you can’t believe it about yourself.
He wants you to know that He sees you as a mighty woman of God, even when you feel whipped.
He wants you to remember all the blessings He’s given you.
He wants to guide you lovingly when you feel all alone.
He wants you to see how lovely you are when you feel like all you do is yell and scream at your kids.
He wants you to keep you close to His throne when you feel like returning to destructive behavior.
He wants to tell you, His baby girl, that you are worth dying for.
But it’s up to us to listen.
And take action.

Heavenly Father,
Most days I make a mess of things.  Literally and figuratively.  You are so gracious to us and I am so thankful
that every day your mercies are new every morning.  Thank you for taking time out of the universe to speak to us.  
Lord I pray with all of my heart that You help us quiet the noise around us so we can hear You.  Speak to us in t
he small everyday.  Speak to us in the big.  Most of all Lord, help us to not only hear You, but to choose You.
Every single time.
In Jesus name I pray, 


I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer, and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ, walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God… just living the dream.

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