The F Word

I usually don’t get into controversial things for two reasons: 1) I don’t like controversy or conflict and 2) I don’t feel like I usually know enough about any one topic to have a substantial opinion on it.
But I just can’t shake this one.
I’m so sickened by all the violence that has invaded our newsfeed and the headlines. With the deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and more recently the fallen officers in Dallas, I am so sad at how cheapened life in general has become.
It’s all so senseless.
Why do we have to pick a side?
Why do we have to say “Black Lives Matter?”
Or say, “We support the Thin Blue Line?”
Why can’t we say, “All Lives Matter?”
Because they do.
Regardless of if you are black, white, female, male, Muslim, or Christian…
Yes, He died for the extremist Muslim terrorist who blows himself up consequently killing dozens of people.
Just like He died for Billy Graham. The whitest Christian man I can think of.
Do you realize…now hang on. You may disagree with me, and I’m totally okay with that…but if Adolf Hitler, who massacred MILLIONS of people because of their heritage, asked for Christ’s forgiveness while on his deathbed…then he’s in Heaven right now.
If someone had the opportunity along Adolf’s life and shared the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ with him and planted that seed in his cold, murderous heart and he pulled that message back up while he was taking his last miserable breaths he repented and asked Christ to wash him white as snow…then he has an eternity with Christ.
There’s no one on the planet who I can think deserves Hell more than he.
He was despicable.
Thankfully, I’m not his judge.
Meanwhile, back in the 21st Century…
To God, all lives matter.
Not just the ones with black skin or ones who don a uniform or the ones who wear a suit and preach on Sundays.
“For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and ALL are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:23-24
All the violence that seems to be hitting us in the face all comes to one word.
It’s literally the biggest F word in my vocabulary and an area that God has done His transforming work in my life.
Alton Sterling is not the enemy.
The cop who shot him…not the enemy.
The sniper who gunned down officers in Dallas.
Not.  The.  Enemy.
The ONLY enemy we have is Satan himself.
He uses every tactic (and any person) he can to get us terrified of Muslims, black people, white cops…
It’s not God’s plan.
His plan is stated in John 10:10 where it says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
How can we have life to the fullest if we are frozen in fear?
We can’t be afraid and live life fully.
It doesn’t compute.
If we are afraid, then the enemy wins.
Satan has been using the same old tactic of getting us to be afraid of groups of people since the beginning of time.
When we will learn?!
This shouldn’t be…
Because we have the same parents!
Can we just agree that we are different and that’s okay?!
Hey!  You wear a uniform!
You matter!
Hey!  You’re gay!
You matter!
Hey!  You cheated on your husband!
You matter!
Hey!  You’re annoying!!!
You.  Matter.

Regardless of the fear that the news, social media, politicians, or Satan himself tries to put on us, we MUST do these three things:
1) Tune out–tune out ALL things of the world OUT and focus on Jesus.
2) Remember–remember that what happens in the world is completely irrelevant because God is still on the throne.
3) Love–love the hard and the easy, the same and the different.
It’s not easy.
But Jesus didn’t say it would be.
These lives who senselessly die at the hands of another all over the world everyday MUST be redeemed.
Christ death was at the hands of those who hated and feared him and it started a revolution that we must continue for His sake.
One of love.

I’m a book-shelving, former tap dancer, wanna be writer, singer,
and banjo player, mother of 4, wife of 1, follower of Christ,
walking in the shadow of the Proverbs 31 woman
and redeemed by the grace and love of an Almighty God…
just living the dream.

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